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Speedy Farm (Speedy Second Farm): Expand your business by expanding your farmland!

Speedy Farm #2
Cultivating the wilderness with a brave giant jumbo! I love it.
I have asked for a lot of help and have been allowed to expand the area of my farm.
We would like to increase the area to 3 ha (hectares) = 10,000 tsubo = 30,000 m2 as soon as possible.
Incidentally, the average of Japanese management farmers is 3 ha.
In Japan, it is difficult to find farms of 1,000 tsubo (0.3 ha = 3,000 m2) in size. Flat land is scarce and fragmented.
As long as agriculture is a business, the larger the planted area, the higher the profit margin. If robotics of labor advances, it will curb labor costs and make our products more price competitive! I guess I’ll have to start steadily from there.
Fukuda was all fired up as he listened to the sound of Yumbo’s engine… To be continued…
Ranking of average arable land per farmer worldwide (mixed figures for 2016-2018)
Australia 4,200 ha
2. the U.S.A. 180 ha
Israel 100 ha (estimated)
4. 90 ha in the U.K.
5.Germany 61 ha
6. 61 ha in France
7. Belgium 37 ha
8. the Netherlands 32 ha
9. Japan 3ha


↓Before cultivation


↓Yumbo in!


↓Land preparation completed