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Non” is in the magazine “Mynavi” – A Complete Guide to Company Research and Internships


Mynavi Magazine – The Complete Guide to Company Research & Internships

You can also read the electronic version of the magazine, which is distributed free of charge to students, for free.

Non “Maybe there are some people who are struggling to figure out what they want to do. But I think everyone has an experience of being excited about something. Even if it is not an obvious feeling of accomplishment, there must have been a moment when a “piece of your heart” moved in your chest.

I would like you to try to keep your antennae up for these fragments. When and how does your heart move? Don’t miss the “trigger” moment when your sensor reacts. Through the accumulation of such moments, I believe you will come to realize the values you want to cherish.

All have their charms.” This is me!” I hope you will take it on your own terms and show it to the world.”