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Talked Talk [Only Travel Can Teach You the “Truth”: The World Wanderings of a Writer of Distinction] (Part 1) Tadashi Onizuka, Publishing Agent and Author, and Jun Fukuda, Consultant

Tadashi Onizuka, who runs a business not so familiar in Japan called “publishing agent,” talks about his intense travels.
Much fun. Everything is true like a novel.

Talked dialogue [Only Travel Can Teach You the “Truth”: A Wandering Around the World by a Famous Writer] (Part 1)
Publishing agent and author Tadashi Onizuka x Consultant Jun Fukuda


Onizuka: “Basically, it’s the spirit of ‘let’s see everything. I was thinking of leaving Japan by boat for the time being…. Even though it is called London, it is actually a small town in the countryside. So I wanted to get to know more and more about the world. From China, I went to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, worked here for a while, went to New Zealand and New Caledonia, came back to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and so on.

But the gap between Thailand and India was amazing. Thai people are Buddhists, but their culture is Hindu-like. So, when I was in Thailand and saw the dances, I thought, “Next, India. While watching the dances, I thought, “Maybe I will be enlightened.

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Echima