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Post-Corona : V-shaped recovery from the lifting of the self-imposed ban… this and that!

Now that the self-restraint has finally been lifted, there are concerns about the future of the economy.

All firms are hoping for a V-shaped recovery. Of course, there has never been a “rock bottom” like this, and the only way to recover is through a V-shaped recovery, but before that, it is important to analyze the performance of each company in the Corona disaster.

(1) Timing is important. Some companies take this opportunity to launch commercials with all their might.

1. kowa “Bantelin Pat EX” (muscular pain, stiff shoulders) 13400% (1)
2 Recruit “Study Supplement” (online classes) 489%.
3. Ryukakusan “Direct Stick” (throat medicine) 296

The result is a product related to the self-restraint. Nevertheless, considering the fact that each of them has competitors, they took drastic budget measures (even though it was the end of the fiscal year) by March This is commendable.

The commercial situation has drastically changed due to the Corona disaster. Which companies have increased the amount of commercials due to “nest egg demand”? (Month-over-month)

(2) Ability to innovate! Even in the hard-hit industries, there are bright spots.

Kentucky Fried Chicken +20.6
Tori nobility ▼ 96.1

Even when dealing with the same chicken, there are places that grow and places that stagnate. Although the drive-through is popular, KFC has been beating sales almost exclusively through takeout. The fact that they were also developing new products and devising ways to do business with the Corona Disaster was a success. At times like this, the key is to have excellent ideas, a leader to incorporate them, and competent staff to follow them.

April Sales of Izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) Decreased Sharply:The Asahi Shimbun Digital (YoY

(3) Financing. Now is the time to rethink your relationship with your bank!

I think it would be the new normal if both ventures and banks were allowed to flex with a new measure of credit.

Corona Disaster Response, long-lived companies with more than 100 years of history are ahead of the game in terms of cash flow.

(4) In a general crisis, let’s do a review of shareholder relations and long-term management!

Column: Corona puts an end to shortsighted management, cancels a series of quarterly forecasts

(5) Now, how about your company?

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