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American Rule : Discovery disappears when the individual is strong.

I had not been to Los Angeles for a long time, and my senses had become completely Japanese. In other words, my sensibilities have become dull.
Being in Los Angeles, a sense of rationality and individualism can resonate. Plus, watching the TV drama “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+) completely revived my senses.
First of all, there is no need to discern people’s feelings. Or rather, since the individual is strong in the first place, the default is to have no such sensitivity. I don’t know what other people are thinking, and I don’t need to know.
He said, “Thinking about other people’s feelings is like swimming with a two-ton anchor around your neck. Use compassion on your days off. It doesn’t help you at work. It ruins your vitality.”
So, you only have to think about what you want to do. I think this would be insanely difficult for Japanese to understand.
Whenever I ask someone in L.A. “What do you want for me?” I get a lot of “Oh, no, I don’t want to go back to the city.
I thought I checked it once, but you don’t understand? You’d think, “What’s the point? No matter how many times I ask, they reconfirm our intent and will.
If you don’t say the same thing over and over again until you make them understand, they won’t do anything. Even if it is a service they should do.
Moreover, this “not asking oneself” but something like “asking others” needs to be explained repeatedly from different angles.
You need the strength of your diaphragm to organize what you want to say in the moment and keep repeating it!
And while no one ever apologizes (it’s like, “Your explanation was hard to understand, so what’s the point? (A kind of feeling.) At the end of the session, I habitually say thank you in an amiable way.
I believe that in Japan, where people do not have this sense, they will forever be concerned about the eyes of others and will continue to wear masks only for social reasons, not to protect themselves.
Ross says, “I’ve been vaccinated, do I still need to wear a mask?”
He added, “How long are you going to wear a mask? What else is wrong with you?” go as far as🤣
This is also evident in the attitude of the immigration authorities. Since the U.S. has brought vaccine certificates and negative certificates within 72 hours from the countries that allowed them, it is no different from a normal entry into Japan without checking those documents. Simply show them your passport.
But in Japan, you have to document all the many customs checkpoints, which are comparable to a squid game. Entering the country takes an average of two to three hours. As a Japanese, I have to say that this is probably the number one country I would not want to return to.
There are 10 places where two people check a single document at the same barrier, 98% of the time it’s useless. The truth is, you can do it with just one application.
It will be the beginning of the 22nd century when the Digital Agency will be up and running like this.
So what do you want?”