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Speedy Gallery : Contemporary Artist Marcus Boucher

Contemporary artist Markus Bacher is an Austrian living in Los Angeles. He was introduced to me a few years ago by Agnes (director of Speedy Europe) and we usually corresponded via messenger.
This time, he came to our gallery to visit us with a painting. We then went to “CASE Gallery” (about 10 minutes from our gallery), where he was having a solo exhibition.
All of his works were beautiful abstract paintings that expressed his pure character. We parted with a promise to exhibit together in Japan someday.
Artist Markus Bacher is my friend who was introduced by Agnes Aistleitner (Entrepreneur, and also board member of Speedy Euro OÜ) a few years ago.
I completely became his art captive, vivid color and expression, like a Japanese watercolor painting…
Markus visited my gallery, and after that he showed us his new exhibition in CASE Gallery before opening day. I met Markus’s friend Martima who runs CASE Gallery located 154 S Robertson Blvd. It’s very close of my gallery. This space also fantastic.Perfect white cube!
Markus’s colorful art works looks floating in heaven to me.
The Human Superorganism
“These paintings tell a story of how I’m seeing the world in here and now-but also how I envision it, how I want the world to be… – Markus Bacher
CASE Gallery
154 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(424) 303-7272