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Post-Corona : Leave the Three Dense Cities, Go to the Countryside!

I don’t like to work hard.
I consider myself a hard worker, but I am not diligent. I am a hard worker with an element of laziness.

When asked to run a track, I think furiously about how to take a shortcut. Shortcuts make me angry, so I think of last-minute ways to avoid getting angry.

I thought about where those ideas came from. Tennozan! Yamazaki (a town between Osaka and Kyoto), where I grew up as a child, had an abundance of nature.

In front of Mt. Tennozan, three rivers, the Kizu, Uji, and Katsura, merge to form the Yodo River. The air was foggy and clear. The area was a bamboo production area, and the superb spring water is used to make Yamazaki whisky. In the Tenno-zan area, where the sky is the limit, we went early in the morning to collect beetles, and sometimes went on great adventures as far as Nagaokakyo City.

Since he was always competing with his friends to climb mountains, it was a game of how to discover the shortcuts. Some friends raced up the same path, while others were so adventurous that they fell off low cliffs and were injured. Tennozan, filled with dangers, was a place where even the children were “divided by nature.

I think that through this kind of all-out play, I developed a shortcut “intuition” as a developed ability.” I think “intuition” is the sum total of human abilities. We move with all five senses and think at the same time. As a result, we have a good intuition. When I am in the nature of Okinawa, I feel my senses come back to me. The ocean, the mountains, and my own sense of touch are all feeding my brain with adrenaline.

Maybe that’s why, but most of the work is done in the morning.
It is for these reasons that I believe nature is necessary for the reform of work styles by Corona.

Leave the three dense cities behind, go to the countryside!