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Corona Thinking : When Humans Return to the Sea

Enjoy the flower moon at night on Hyakumei Beach.
The moonlight alone illuminates the surface of the sea, and it is beautiful.

When one’s life of self-restraint is prolonged, one’s mind is inevitably dragged into an electronic society. Nothing that is said on TV, the Internet, or social networking sites is accompanied by any physicality. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.
At the opposite end of the spectrum would be one’s own body and the nature of this planet. Perhaps the reason I decided to leave the city early on and settle in the nature of Okinawa was because I wanted to preserve my own physicality by living in nature without people.

In the morning, the crystal clear cries of countless birds, the fine waves heard in surround sound. At night, the faint fluorescent colors of fireflies, the sound of the wind like a wonderful chorus, and the joyful chorus of frogs and insects.
Feel the sandy beach with your feet and chat with the fish in the sea. Nanjo is a foggy town that always clears up afterwards. We live with mysterious changes of scenery.

The planet is 71 %が海に覆われている。なのに、圧倒的に狭い29% humans live in cramped quarters on the %が海に覆われている。なのに、圧倒的に狭い29% land area. As we become accustomed to living in such a seaside environment, we may not be able to abandon our nostalgia for the past when we used to be fish.

I am rereading a science fiction novel “The Fourth Interglacial Period” written by Kobo Abe in 1959 as I recall.

Kobo Abe has spoken about the concept before the serialization of the book.
If technology moves toward humans rather than nature, the biggest change, delusional of course, may be the return of humans to underwater living.

That is, humans will have gills (gills) when they are in the fetus. We will be able to live underwater artificially. There will be no difference in temperature. Resources will be unlimited. Life would be much more rational in the ocean. The earth will get warmer and warmer, and the ice at the North Pole will melt away, leaving only the tops of large mountains. We could go somewhere by satellite, but we could also process humans and put them in water to live underwater. This would also change human emotions. I don’t even know if we would be the same people.”