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Talked dialogue [Quit the company in your 50s and win! Career Strategy in Reverse] (Part 2) Atsushi Takada, Branding Consultant and Jun Fukuda, Consultant (Hosted by Waseda NEO)

Formerly the head of the Lexus brand at Toyota Motor Corporation, he is now a consultant and author of the bestseller “Quit the Company in Your 50s and Win! I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Atsushi Takada, who quit Waseda last December before Corona, in a course for working adults at Waseda.

After the GW holiday, some of you may be heading back to the workplace again, in part from remote work. We hope you will read this interview with Mr. Takada and use it as a reference for your future career path. I think it will be very inspiring.

Talked dialogue [Quit the company in your 50s and win! Career Strategies in Reverse] (Part 2)
Atsushi Takada, Branding Consultant × Jun Fukuda, Consultant
Organized by WASEDA NEO
Planning: Tatsuyuki Takahashi
Place: Waseda University Nihonbashi Campus (5th floor part of COREDO Nihonbashi)

Takada: “When you are a Toyota employee, how do people call you? This is especially true in Aichi Prefecture, where people call me “Toyota-san” instead of “Mr. Takada. (omitted).
So, if I take “Toyota” out of my name, what is left? I have been thinking about this for a long time. But many people feel comfortable with that. They call you “Toyota-san,” and you are at the top of a certain ecosystem. But I really didn’t like that, and I wondered, “If I go freelance someday, will I be able to make money?” I have always had this thought. I had been thinking about it since I was in my 30s, and when I was around 40, I thought, “I’ll decide when I turn 55,” because I personally think that quitting after 55 without preparation is a little too late…. It’s not too late, but that’s what I decided.


Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima