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Corona Thinking : What is the true nature of strange stupidity?

Everyone is suffering from the Corona disaster, but at times like this, a certain type of person shows a “strange stupidity”.

I was struck the other day in an interview by the founding president of a leading company, who spoke of after-corona with unbelievable vigor despite a 90% drop in sales.

I am sorry to say that I am the type of grandfather who takes his grandchildren to the beach to check on them when a typhoon is coming. ←I’m not a grandfather!

What I write here is not about right and wrong or anything like that, but about sense values.

So, the media waiting at airports and parks do not look like sympathetic pressure makers who were complicit in the wartime Great Headquarters.
In this regard, the interview with the Osaka lady trying to go to pachinko was painful.
Reporter: “You don’t feel you’re at risk coming here?”
Woman: “The only risk is losing” (crisp)

An overwhelming sense of energy overturns common sense. I thought that this might be what is important now. ←I have said this many times, but I am not talking about right and wrong here.

The “strange stupidity” is made up of these elements.

Anti-common sense (understanding common sense but taking the opposite attitude) + Creativity (the ability to try something like this) + Execution (do it now, not tomorrow)

The day will soon come when the slingshot-going auntie will be the only human being to save the planet in “Armageddon”.
“Are you guys too scared to go? If that’s the case, if you give me some money, I’ll go blow up a meteorite. In return, if you survive, I’ll give you a bonus.