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Considering work-life balance after Corona

For such digital nomads (people who work nomadically using the Internet), a stay-home is not more difficult than for others. It is because it is not so different from the way they usually work.

Japanese people have the best passports in the world. No other country allows travel to more than 191 countries without a visa. If you were born in Afghanistan, you can only go to 26 countries. That does not mean that Japanese were frequent travelers before Corona. Rather, they are a nation of people who are so reluctant to leave the country that while inbound travel is increasing, outbound travel is near the bottom of the list among developed countries.

Most Japanese businessmen do not know what to do at home now that they are in a stay-home situation. Perhaps it is a desperate measure to take a couple to a park where they do not usually go.

It is a mental health crisis faced by a nation that has never been good at traveling or loving others, as it is not a figurehead. It would be an ordeal for a businessman accustomed to working himself to death to be at home.
Before Corona, snack bars and bars functioned as a way for people to return from being workers to being family members. I believe that the reason Japan did not need counselors (psychiatrists) as much as in the West was because of this snack culture.

In order to rebuild ourselves with the Corona disaster, we may need to rethink our work/life balance of work and play and how to have a mental health system that is comfortable for our families, rather than just unlocking the lockdown.