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From Remote Work to Remote Projects

From Remote Work to Remote Projects

The remote work I am doing now is nothing more than converting the office work I used to do at the office into home work.
So, if you are in front of a computer, you are at the level of turning on a button or trying to make an approval process electronic.

However, if we think this will last the whole year, we need to become advanced remote workers. The already strong ones would be companies that do phone sales, or skilled individuals who live off crowdsourcing.

If we are going to do big projects with strangers in the future, we will have to change the way we work.
People are crazy about Zoom and stuff, but it’s only centered around acquaintances right now.

Instead, you should aim to be like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels, who can solve international problems without even showing up (laugh).

The Houston guys who sent Apollo 11 to the moon are the greatest remote workers of mankind.

People who have the skills to get along with strangers, who have been to strange countries alone and made friends or caused a job, will be popular human resources in the post-corona.

Aim to be a driver, not a remote!