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Stay Homes as “Imaginary Vacations

Let’s think of the period of self-restraint as an imaginary vacation.

A classmate from middle school invited me to try #PushUpBaton on Facebook.
It’s nice to be able to mingle with classmates at a time like this.

Now, I will talk about Newton’s story as a message.

When the natural philosopher Isaac Newton was a student (1664), the plague broke out (*1) for the second time in several epidemics and he had to return from London, where Cambridge was located, to his hometown of Woolthorpe.

Thus, Newton got the idea for the Law of Universal Gravitation (*2) during the 18 months he was on vacation in his hometown.

They called this stay-home period “imaginary vacation.
I hope we too can spend this period of self-restraint creatively.

The dreaded virus killed more than a third of the European population in the 14th century.

He discovered the principle that the earth has a gravitational pull and matter falls to the ground. This discovery made it possible to measure the size of the earth and was the basis for the dramatic development of physics.