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After Corona Thinking : What is the future of people?

After-Corona Considerations.

What is the future of people?
The need for jobs related to “teaching” and “helping others” will increase. And some of these jobs will be enhanced by AI and the Internet.

Furthermore, “entertaining people” is a growing need, even more so than before.
And it will never go away.

No matter how advanced AI and Internet technologies become, as long as people are people, they can entertain others and share the joy of life. And that is what the entertainment industry is all about.

People who can perform a play and move people, people who can sing well, people who can draw pictures they have never seen before, and so on, have the skill to entertain others by utilizing a certain special, unexceptional talent.

In 1988, when I entered the workforce, being in an entertainment company was envied, but it was said to be “useless for people’s lives. That was only 30 years ago. Indeed, because of the overwhelming dominance of “making things,” it was more profitable to work for a trading company or manufacturer, where the salaries were higher. Apart from those who were able to pass through the narrow gate of getting a job at a TV station, people in the film industry, music industry, freelance editors, etc. have found and nurtured many people with such special talents (let’s call them artists).

However, the income of both artists and people related to them has not increased at all (especially in Japan), even though the needs are increasing year by year. On the contrary, since the emergence of online media, the deflation of remuneration has only increased.
Under Corona, I sense a mood of “artists should help people without compensation,” as was the case at the time of the earthquake, but I feel that this is a bit strange.

This corona is not a disaster. It may be good if some people are suffering. But this time the world has been uniformly reset and is awaiting a reboot. So, at the time of the reboot, “We should understand that entertainment is an important and necessary job for society, and that acting, singing, and painting are not volunteer jobs, but industries that are built on just compensation.

This is my miscellaneous impression of the future from Hoshino’s video. Oh, I don’t mean that we shouldn’t do it for free. I’m just saying, give a hand of love to those in the industry who can’t afford to eat because their gigs are cancelled or their drama shoots are interrupted! I mean, it made me think.