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Corona : The Age of “Corona Negative Proof

In the future, a picture ID such as a driver’s license may not be enough to be socially trusted as proof of oneself.

The era of “corona-negative certification” is coming.
Even Tom Hanks said that his friends don’t come close to him, so even if his corona is cured and he has antibodies and is the strongest person of all, he will still be socially vulnerable. It’s going to be a big problem in the future.

Seasonal influenza infection rates are about 10-20% of the population annually. The coronary infection rate would have to be about that low to keep people from treating each other normally.

So, while I would avoid the people and places where the infection occurred now without a cure, the day will come when it will be just a corona from a certain point on. You should remember that. We must not create a new discrimination, a new disconnection.

Miscellaneous thoughts after seeing the news of everyone coming together to destroy an infectious disease ward in some African country.