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Corona Thinking : Humans are not the rulers of the Earth’s ecosystem

In its enormous volume, which covers more than three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, there is adventure, beauty, strangeness, and wonder. Not only that, but the almost infinite abundance of bizarre life forms that inhabit it would be difficult for any other exotic planet to match. Thus I have rediscovered the sea.” (The View from Serendip)

This is a passage from a column written by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke half a century ago in 1967.
He was so fascinated with space that he became obsessed with diving to experience weightlessness.
After all, he was as fascinated by the bottom of the ocean as he was by the universe.

This week I found an interesting article about the seafloor.

An ancient tree called Itosugi, which is 60,000 years old, is discovered on the ocean floor in Alabama, USA. An organism called the “crucian carp beetle” found in the tree could be applied to the development of new drugs.
A total of 100 unknown bacterial strains were found in the “crucian carp” samples, from which 12 were selected for DNA sequence analysis.

As a result, these genetic data were identified as having potential applications in the development of new antibiotics, such as anti-parasitic drugs, pain relievers, anti-cancer drugs, and anti-viral drugs.


While I think humans are awesome, they are not the rulers of the eco-system called the earth. Humans should be humble challengers, desperately trying to live in harmony with nature, despite the threats it poses.