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Corona Thinking : Living Like a Primitive

What a great opportunity to reform the way we work all at once!
No matter where you are in the world, with the Internet and a smartphone, you can live at the ends of the earth.

We already know that we don’t need an office. And certain jobs may not even require a single corporate organization. Each one of us is like a primitive hunter, waking up and efficiently going out to get the prey, and then we can just enjoy life.

In the midst of this wonderful nature, I am still re-reading “The View from Serendip,” a column written by Arthur C. Clarke in his later years in the nature of Sri Lanka. The following is one of the passages.

In the long run, the only growth industry is the collection and processing of knowledge. To enable the enjoyment of that knowledge, science and technology must play another major role.

We are truly alive when we are awake and engaged with the universe at the highest emotional and intellectual levels. Scientists and artists live that way.

The hunters of primitive times also lived as long as their abilities permitted, and we are now radically reevaluating their lives in the light of new knowledge.

Just recently, anthropologists were astonished to discover that humans had eliminated the 20-hour week somewhere in the middle of the Stone Age. Three or four hours of hunting per day were sufficient to ensure the necessities of life. The rest of the time could be spent sleeping, debating, chatting, and, of course, contemplating.” (First published in 1967)

Still, one has to lament the cultural regression in which such good books are only available in used book collections.