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Corona Thinking : Even if everything changes, some things remain the same.

If I were to say that I wish I could go back to the “old days,” you would think that I am an old man with a nostalgic interest in the past.
If we change “once upon a time” to “before,” it applies to today’s situation.

People’s lives are like a straight road, not straight like the last scene in a Chaplin movie, but “twisting and turning.
We are now standing in front of a big “wiggle” curve. What kind of scenery awaits us on the other side of the curve?

Watching the sunset with friends, listening to “Changes” by Jantin Bieber, chewing on happiness…

Some days it flows like water.
Some days it burns like a flame.
Some days I want to work harder.
Some days I just don’t want to do anything.
I just want to be my best self.
Even if we disagree with each other.
That way I can be the best me for you.
That’s what I want.
I’m changing.
I’m changing.
Though it changes
It doesn’t mean we’re going to be different people.

I’m changing.
But I’m still the same person.
People change and the environment they are placed in changes.
But God is always the same.”

Some days I move like water
Some days I burn like fire
Some days I wanna push further
Some days I wanna do nothin’
And I just wanna be the best of me
Even though sometimes we might disagree
So that I can be the best for you
That’s all I wanna do
I’m goin’ through changes
I’m goin’ through changes
Though I’m goin’ through changes
Don’t mean that I’ll change

I’m going through changes
No, I ain’t changed, yeah
Uh, people change, circumstances change
But God always remains the same