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Speedy Resorts : Top floor penthouse Interior model First draft

Speedy Resorts : First draft of the interior model of the top floor penthouse is ready.

There are many areas that could be improved, but I think the problems with Japanese resort architecture are that it is overbuilt, indirect lighting is not used much, tiles are used too much and the quality of the painted walls is not fully utilized, and rounded, luxurious space design is not possible.

Also, I want the kitchen to be more like the center of the community, not a supporting role. I hope it becomes a place where people can enjoy themselves while cooking, rather than cooking and eating.

Once upon a time, I took “Dwelling Theory” in the Department of Art at Nichi-gei. There was a history of building toilets under the stairs and kitchens on the north side. This is still the case today. In Germany, kitchens are on the south side.

The challenge for Speedy Resorts is how to fix such hidden housing structures in Japan.

Stay tuned!

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