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There are all kinds of mistakes and misunderstandings, and when you hear different opinions, you can stand at the doorstep of diversity.

Enjoy the sunset.
Yamazaki whisky would be fun!
But still, there are so many things in the world.
When I let a student raise his hand to see if he’d been vaccinated, he said, “That’s peer pressure!” A parent complained to the school, and the teacher went to the student’s house to apologize.
At times like this, a student who can’t hit because of allergies needs everyone’s collective immunity for that friend! If someone’s parent complains to the school, they go straight to 、、、、 to apologize. The mood is getting worse and worse.
I would think that the peer pressure would just accessorize the wrong side.
A problem is pointed out -> I apologize for now.
This is the easiest solution.
People make all kinds of mistakes, so I feel that if we listen carefully and deliberate, we can say, “Well, our class had an inoculation rate of over 70%, so it’s okay for our friends who didn’t get a shot.