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The return of the PET-bottled Matcha leaf: “Cuzen Matcha” Matcha machine + Matcha leaf sub-subscription business development

We chatted at a cafe with Eijiro Tsukada, who left Suntory before Corona to start his own business in Silicon Valley.
Mr. Tsukada was involved in the development of “Iyemon” during his time at Suntory, and is a professional in “tea leaves. In consideration of the global environment, Mr. Tsukada established “WORLD MATCHA,” a company that provides matcha espresso machines and matcha in Japan and the United States, with the aim of restoring the use of tea leaves instead of PET bottles.
Developed a matcha machine + matcha leaf subsk business called “Cuzen Matcha / Kuzen Matcha”.
It is very useful in my home and I serve it to people who come to visit. It is easy to make matcha and serve it beautifully.
During his return to Japan, Mr. Tsukada met with Koizumi, Minister of the Environment, and told him that “Kuu Zen Matcha” would help to create a sustainable global environment, and he later made matcha using this machine at the campaign ceremony with Kono, a candidate for President of Japan.
Matcha tea also helps boost morale at the departure ceremony. Mr. Tsukada is a man who “has it all.
With health consciousness on the rise, I hear it’s a hit in Silicon Valley, and I’m looking forward to its expansion in Japan!
I also promised to do some interesting collaborations in the near future, which I will announce soon.