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Why do we need brand value? Kantar 2021 “Ranking of the World’s Most Valuable Brands” was released.

Kantar’s “World’s Most Valuable Brands Ranking” was released again this year.
Why do we need brand value?
If companies operate only on short-term goals, such as annual budgets, they will not be able to withstand sudden events such as Corona.
Long-term branding is necessary to remain resilient (supple). See last year’s column below for more information on how branding increases corporate value.
Here I would like to summarize the year 2021.
First, among the top 100 companies, 74% of the total value is U.S. companies. This is where Chinese brands are rapidly entering the market. Chinese Generation Z is no longer dependent on foreign brands. They want their own Chinese brands. And Chinese startups are leveraging their domestic success to internationalize.
There are four brands that have more than doubled their brand value, all Chinese companies.
(1) Pinduoduo (拼多多, pinduoduo)
Commerce site for group purchases at lower prices.
2) Meituan
Word of mouth and commerce sites
(3) Moutai (茅台, Maotai)
Distilled liquor made from kaoliang (sorghum).
(4) TikTok
SNS for short movies
In this environment, UNIQLO is the only Japanese company struggling alone. It is ranked seventh among the fastest-growing brands.
Other fast-rising global brands include Lululemon (yoga wear), The Home Depot (DIY), and ZOOM (online conferencing). The fastest-growing brands include domestic food, DIY, casual wear, health, and commerce.
I hope that those who are just starting out in business, or companies that are currently changing their current business, will think more seriously about the usefulness of branding.
If you don’t know where to start, start with the official website. Websites must have a UX (dynamic design) that fits the times.
Recently, Mr. Hideto Fujino of Leos Capital Works, Inc. mentioned that the characteristics of a company with a good stock price…
– The website is decent.
– A picture of the president’s face is included. (It would be even better if they also included a picture of the director!)
– Not putting words in the president’s one-liners that we don’t normally use, such as “we
…and other conditions that were mentioned were impressive.
Nowadays, a website is probably a more important branding tool than a résumé.
Actually, our website fits all of them (ahem!).
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