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Online Lecture in Okinawa “The Infinite Potential of Okinawa” (Lecturer : Fukuda.) (Lecturer : Jun Fukuda) video is now on sale!

The video of the lecture I recently gave in Okinawa on “The Infinite Potential of Okinawa” is now available for sale!
How I rediscovered Okinawa. An introduction to the high-tech farms and luxury resorts currently being developed in Okinawa. I also talk about how Okinawa can become the largest economy in the world, surpassing Hawaii.
The islands of Okinawa and Oahu are almost the same in area and population. Yet their GDPs are 1/15th of each other. How can this be reversed?
Actually, this is not an Okinawa issue, but the same issue as raising Japan’s international competitiveness.
Please refer to this page if you are interested.
↓Sales information site. (You can choose with or without the co-authored book, “The Age of Living Swissy”)
Fee 3,000 yen
Application deadline: September 30, 2021
Availability: October 10, 2021