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Speedy CryptoArt : We have started a crypto art (NFT art) business!


Speedy CryptoArt : Started a crypto art (NFT art) business.

We have continued to consider new forms of art that are unique to the 21st century.
Crypto+Art, which has recently become well-known due to the high price paid for a work by an almost unknown artist at an auction, is now being promoted by our company, SPEETE Corporation. (located in Estonia), an affiliate of Speedy Euro OÜ, has been selected to handle the project.

Specifically, the Speedy Group curates artists’ works (digital and VR artists, etc.) ) will be converted to NFT (mainly Ethereum) and offered to marketplaces specializing in NFT art (SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, etc.).

Speedy Cryptoart’s Business Concept

Establish a style that can be enjoyed as art for a long period of time.

– Create and browse galleries in the Metaverse
(Viewed in 3D virtual space such as PlayStation® VRapp “Tilt Brush”, Oculus, etc.)
– Exhibit in our Los Angeles gallery with the work displayed on a monitor
(Auction items will be live-streamed at all times, and bids can be placed on the spot.)
– Sales of merchandising goods and other products related to the work in galleries and commerce sites that can also be sold in wallets.
(The owner of the work gets a royalty on the sale)

Demonstrating the collective strength of the Speedy Group
– Technical insights at Speedy Euro OÜ, Estonia
– Gallery business at Speedy Gallery (Los Angeles)
– Art curation at Speedy China

Project Background

Jun Fukuda comments.
Since March 11, 2021, the high bids for Beeple’s work have brought recognition to full-fledged crypto-art (NFT art).”
In order for this to become a new contemporary art form, the value of the work itself must be considered from a long-term perspective and satisfy the curiosity of the art lover. The artwork must be of a high quality.
In 2016, I established a real gallery in Tokyo specializing in VR art.
Later in 2018, Speedy Euro OÜ was established to do blockchain-related consulting based in Estonia. I will be curating cryptoart in earnest from this base.
Going further back, we have been developing digital content for 20 years, starting in 2002.
The digital content market is based on the premise of “copying,” which is a characteristic of digital. The market has grown into a large market through ゙゙, LINE stamps, and game item charges.
However, digital art as an art form has a long history, as represented by Ars Electronica, but it does not preserve the uniqueness of the work, so it is not sufficiently The value has not been created. The new technology used in virtual currency (NFT) allows digital works of art to be established as a single work of art. NFT can be used to permanently imprint not only the artist’s identity, but also the transaction history without tampering. The new system is a new way of doing business. This protects the artist’s rights and pays royalties even if the ownership of the work changes.
We believe that now is not the best time to NFT digital artworks and bring them to the global market.”

Service Overview
Name : Speedy CryptoArt
Start date: Within April 2021
Operator: Speedy Euro OÜ
Board Members: Jun Fukuda, Agnes Eistreitner, Aimi Morikawa
Established: May 2018
Office: Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
Contact: crypotart@spdy.jp
(Available in English, Chinese and Japanese)
Official website: in preparation for launch

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And April 2021. Finally, we will be creating an ownership economy for cryptoart (NFT art).

Example of work lineup (VR)

©Shukou Tsuchiya

© Kasumi Yoshida