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Speedy CryptoArt: Art is about enriching lives, not money games (the problem with NFT art)

Art is about enriching lives, not money games.
I am thinking about the problems with NFT art.

◆NFT is not an art form.
Normal real art has a primary gallery (primary market) and is formed by the combined forces of artists and curators.
Secondary markets such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s are established on the premise that the artist’s past activities and ideas are sufficiently recognized by the world in the primary market and have a certain degree of marketability.

The BEEPLE work’s current listing at Christie’s was taken up a month earlier by a high bid for the artist’s work by the virtual currency marketplace Nifty Gateway. The winning bidder, Pablo Rodriguez-Frail, is an NFT investor, not an art collector. Because he immediately resold it.
Takashi Murakami, for example, cannot purchase a work of art without signing a clause prohibiting resale for a certain period of time.

A few years ago, there was an art bubble in China. The lack of a “connoisseur’s safety net” in the form of primary galleries caused artists who had become rich in an instant to disappear in an instant. It is ironic, however, that the lessons learned from the bursting of the art bubble have since led to the growth of many fine art galleries in Beijing.

In order for art to be distributed commercially, it needs to be critiqued in order to be accepted by society. 30 kilobytes of text (the maximum amount of historical data that can be attached to *NFT art) is not enough to evaluate art.

◆What artists should consider
For an artist who has lived in poverty for a long time, the world of NFT looks like a treasure trove, but now he needs to look, study and discern.
The current NFT boom is nothing but a financial bubble. Even if you get rich for a moment, your brand will fall in the long run.
The large number of suspicious offers are flooding in to artists (especially street, fashion, and music artists) who now have a reputation, but ask them how much they know about art and how to take care of their work. Conversely, let the less learned galleries learn more.

But I don’t want you to be afraid. There are opportunities in new areas. If you choose the right marketplace and mint a secure listing and management issuing agent for NFT works, your works will be protected. The NFT works that are currently being talked about have no DRM, so the data can be ripped off at will. We believe that the management of wallets is a must, as is the management of assets similar to virtual currency.

No matter what kind of vessel (media) is used, artists should create a world they believe in and make it into art.

Role of Speedy CryptoArt

Where do we end up?
If NFT art is “real art,” then its world of work should entertain and enrich people’s lives.

Art, digital, and marketing are the three capabilities of the Speedy Group.

The following three features of Speedy CryptoArt are unique.

Sales of digital content since 2002 (i-mode, LINE Stamps)
-Ability to understand the technology of the Estonian office, which has been active since 2017.
…Utilization of Los Angeles galleries that have been open since 2018.
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*30,000 characters in the alphabet. Japanese full-width characters: 15,000 characters.
30 kilobytes = 30 × 1,024 = 30,720 bytes
Alphabet = 1 byte = 1 character
Japanese (double-byte characters) = 2 bytes = 1 character