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About the NFT art platform provided by Speedy Crypto Art Gallery (SCA Gallery)

About the NFT art platform provided by Speedy Crypto Art Gallery (SCA Gallery)
Creating an ownership economy for NFT art. (Collector Orientod)
Establish a style that anyone can enjoy as an art form. (From smartphones to PlayStation)
Propose a safe and enjoyable way to consume virtual currency. (Secure storage and assetability)
*Ownership economy is an economic sphere created by obtaining stock options in a company and participating in its management. It is a technological development from there that creates a new web world that can be enjoyed only by token holders.

(1) Branding the artist’s world view
SCA Gallery, a digital art gallery in a digital economy-based metaverse (a virtual world on the Internet).

It will serve as a gallery connecting artists and the marketplace.

Currently, knowledgeable purchasers (collectors) in this field are simply buying works directly from marketplaces (like Amazon) and reselling them. The buyer cannot display the work in his/her room or appreciate it as his/her own personal possession, even if the work is delivered digitally to him or her. No, rather, the works are mostly just JPEGs that are merely MP4 data, and the same works in lower resolution can be downloaded by anyone. And most art collectors do not even have virtual currency.

We gallerists who run real galleries do the same job in this crypto-art (NFT art) industry. We determine the direction in which artists should go, give them value through critical thinking, and properly brand them, thereby spreading the world view of their artwork to the world.

. multi-access :
Provides a website with a virtual currency wallet that can be accessed from a smartphone or PC to extend its functionality. For beginners, the site allows artworks to be viewed in their own real gallery (Los Angeles) and instructs art lovers on the process from bidding to purchasing.

Easy Access :
Create a situation where both artists and IT-impaired collectors can easily buy and enjoy crypto-art.

Reference. See below for information on preparation for purchase.

Ownership Access :
Provides a salon exclusively for NFT owners. Create a fan community.
Not only trade NFT works, but also maximize the value of the works by making 360°deals. (Secondary market)
The artist is paid a licensing fee for each resale, as the history of works sold is retained in perpetuity. The company also manages secondary market revenues.

(2) Providing a secure distribution network
We believe that asset management for NFT works is a must, similar to virtual currency.

Provides instruction on bidding and other methods to collectors unfamiliar with digital technology.
Eliminates the hassle of buying and selling through traditional auction houses (Christie’s, Sotheby’s). (Low threshold)

(3) Leverage the strengths of the Speedy Group
Art, digital, and marketing, these are the three capabilities that are in place.

Speedy Inc. (Sony Pictures Entertainment → Sony Digital Entertainment)
Digital content sales capabilities spanning 20 years since 2002 (i-mode and LINE stamp results)
He is a veteran of master licensing projects and negotiations with licensees for merchandising projects related to his works. Sales possible through a gallery in the Metaverse and a commerce site, even a wallet, and management and payment of sales royalties to the artist and the owner of the work.

Technical insights at Speedy Euro OÜ, Estonia
Access to superior token engineering through our commitment to virtual currency in our Tallinn office, active since 2017.

Gallery business at Speedy Gallery (Los Angeles)
Gallery utilization in Los Angeles, which has been open since 2018.
Realistic display and sale of NFT works. Auction works can be live-streamed, etc.
Speedy China
Human network and server infrastructure centered in Beijing and Shenzhen allow easy entry into the Chinese NFT market.