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Underlying the NFT boom is the “digital ownership” of Generation Z!

A friend of my generation asked me, “What do you mean your tweet sold for 300 million yen?” I answered as follows.
It doesn’t make sense to me,” he said. But it’s like a certain generation buying a crappy toy at “Manzokudara” for a hefty price. ” And.
Generational theory depends on the environment of the time of the generation. The bubble generation (50-57 years old), like myself, came into society with too much money, and Japanese companies bought Rockefeller Center and Hollywood’s Colon This was a time when people were buying up the movie studios and other companies, so the mentality of a shopaholic was instilled. It is still the same today.
And time has passed nearly half a century.
People’s lifestyles have shifted from “real ownership” to “sharing” (from things to things). After the Millennials (25-40 years old), the digital natives, Generation Z (10-25 years old), are now on the rise.
Generation Z has been influenced by Corona, and their attitude toward consumption seems to be SDGs-like, or they seem to be thinking about the earth in a casual way. They are not going out of their way to say “eco”, they are bringing their own bags and bottles, and are independent in their thinking, saying things like “That’s not good for the earth” or “Shut up! I am. It’s a good thing. It seems like CPU is getting better with each generation.
The “digital ownership” of Generation Z may be at the root of the NFT boom.
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