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Mentality of the Corona Era in Need of Cherry Blossoms

People who are called organizers can always create kicks.
If you have a certain community, you have to guide and lead the people from all walks of life. For this purpose, the organizer makes a proposition.
If we make a proposition to take beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms, we can control people.
Some people take close-up shots, others take selfies, including themselves. Diverse expressions emerge.
But some people just pass by without that proposition.
I think that seasonality is a word (a delimitation in the brain) created by people, rather than referring to the change of seasons.
While logic may not be necessary for beautiful cherry blossoms, if the feeling of the season can make us feel positive, hanami may be a sufficient substitute for tranquilizers.
There has never been a time when we need cherry blossoms more than now with the Corona disaster.