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The speed of civilization’s evolution is speeding up!


The speed of the times is speeding up.
What took 10 years to evolve in the past will be done in one year in the future. The speed is speeding up. You should know this feeling.
The first custom-made cars hit the road at the end of the 19th century, but the real turning point came in 1908, when Ford mass-produced the first custom-made cars. The Model T was produced and marketed. Just four years later, the number of automobiles exceeded that of horse-drawn carriages in a New York City traffic study.
The speed of this change was astounding, but in hindsight, no wonder. When a new technology brings ten times the value (cheapness, speed, performance), nothing can stop it.”
Adapted from Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, “2030: Prepare for a world where everything is ‘accelerating’.
Interesting “How long did it take to get 50 million users?” survey.
Automobile 62 (1870)
Telephone 50 years (1844)
Electricity 46 (1870)
Television 22 years (1939)
Cellular Phone 12 years (1981)
Internet 7 years (1989)
YouTube 4 years (2005)
Facebook 3 years (2004)
Twitter 2 years (2006)
We are fortunate to be living in the midst of the “Internet Revolution,” which came after the “Industrial Revolution.
As “speed” itself accelerates, the solution to mankind’s troublesome problems such as climate change, population growth, hunger, and pestilence may come surprisingly quickly. I am optimistic.
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