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What is the difference between design and art? Roppongi The National Art Center, Tokyo

What is the difference between design and art?
Design has corporate clients. Art does not. I dare say that art’s client is you.

The significance of having Kashiwa Sato’s work at the Art Museum is not only to confirm the greatness of his work, but also to consider the difference between design and art.

Design has a clear goal. It cannot change its destination at will, nor can it stop halfway. So, when we think about the extent to which Mr. Sato has achieved free expression within these constraints, we cannot help but marvel at the creativity we have all become accustomed to seeing on the street.

This kind of new experimentation is also the role of a contemporary art museum.

Exhibition Outline

Exhibition “Kashiwa Sato Exhibition” <Reservations required
Dates: February 3 (Wed) – May 10 (Mon), 2021
*Originally scheduled to be held from September 16 (Wed.) to December 14 (Mon.), 2020, but changed
Venue: The National Art Center, Tokyo, Special Exhibition Room 1E
Address: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo