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Recommendations for a dual life in the city and the countryside.

Having a dual life in Tokyo and Okinawa, I can see the advantages of each.
Tokyo is still great. First of all, the amount of information is different. There is art. There are projects. There are unique people.
Humanity will not abandon the “urban functions” represented by Tokyo by means of Corona.
Not all of the plays that were popular on Broadway can be seen in Tokyo. Excellent art exhibits also tour Tokyo. Where there is art and money, people will come. This will not change in the future.
Before Corona, global urbanization reached 3.5 million people every week. It was like having a Los Angeles every week.
The corona will eventually converge, but some people will not return to their changed lifestyles, so this is what happens. Those who realize they don’t need to work in Tokyo move to the countryside. At most, about 10%. And those who wanted to come to the city from the countryside will find it easier to come.
So on a plus/minus basis, urbanization is a positive development. The density of humanity will not disappear. Urbanization is a sign of civilization.


used after a noun indicating someone’s occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.