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What is lockdown?

I entered Los Angeles on business on March 10, 2020, the day after a state of emergency was declared throughout the United States.

The hectic days that followed went something like this.

1. the day I went to Los Angeles, the town rocked down
2. next day, Stay at Home Rule (curfew email)
3. on the following day, social distancing (6 feet = 1.8 m away from people) when doing minimal shopping, such as at the grocery store

Masks, gloves, and alcohol disinfection are the basics. It is said that 80% of cases can be prevented by frequent disinfection with alcohol and by keeping people at a distance.

Then, when I returned to Japan, I was surprised to see people enjoying the cherry blossoms.

This is because Japan had managed to survive the new virus that began in Wuhan in early February and was completely relaxed. Schools were closed, and people mistakenly thought that the epidemic had passed. However, the virus that originated in Europe, especially in Italy, did not seem to be the same virus as the one in Wuhan, and it had already reached healthy young people, regardless of whether they were sick or old.

Below is an article about a healthy 18-year-old who lost his life in Los Angeles.
L.A. County reports first possible death of a coronavirus patient under 18

In addition, those who did not abide by the curfew were fined $400 per person and the beaches and parks were closed.

Mayor Eric declared that he would shut off electricity and water to any business that did not do what he said.
Coronavirus: LA mayor says city will shut off water, power to open nonessential businesses

As of today, March 22, 2020, the United States tops the list of infected people worldwide.
On March 21 and 22, Tokyo also refrained from going out, and major supermarkets and department stores closed voluntarily. With restaurants and other establishments open, it is rumored that a lockdown will be issued this week. The number of infected people has reached a record high in the past few days (yesterday, the daily total in Tokyo exceeded 60), and if this number exceeds 100, the possibility of a lockdown being implemented will increase.

People are just scared, but there are examples from Europe and the U.S. that I would like to introduce to dispel everyone’s fears as much as possible.

First, the seven conditions for permission to go out during the French lockdown are as follows. (as of March 25)

The company is also working on a new project to provide home-to-work transportation for those who cannot telecommute.
The purchase of necessities for occupations in which business is permitted, or the purchase of food and daily necessities in stores in which business is permitted.
Medical examinations that cannot be performed remotely, urgent medical examinations, or hospital visits for pre-existing medical conditions.
Family reasons for not being able to stop, assisting the elderly or disabled, caring for children (for families with divorced parents taking turns raising their children).
Light exercise for personal health (excluding group sports practice or contact with others) for one hour per day and up to a one-kilometer radius, a walk by several people in the same household, or a walk by a pet.
Judicial or administrative subpoena.
Participation in missions at the request of the administration.

Also, here is the list of occupations that are allowed to work that was signed and invoked by Governor Ige of Hawaii.

Hospitals and medical professionals
Persons engaged in the sale of foodstuffs and medicines.
・Farmers, fishermen, and others engaged in agriculture and fishing.
Public schools and other educators
People who are involved in volunteer or community service activities such as helping others on a non-profit basis.
Media related, including news coverage.
Gasoline and fuel related jobs
People in banking, securities, and other money-related businesses
Hardware equipment and component related people
Laundry service
Food producers for commercial use
Airline, cab, etc.
Household chores and helpers
Government Relations

FULL TEXT: Governor Ige Orders Hawaii to “Stay At Home”, Lists Essential Operations

In view of the above, walking the dog for less than an hour or a light walk in an unpopular place may be ok.
Escape from the city to the countryside seems feasible from a health and hygiene perspective.



Supermarkets are short on staff and are looking for personnel.

Lunch provided to applicants at the high school.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric has said that he will impose a business penalty for not following the rules.

Immediately after lockdown, only “to go” (called “take-out” in Japan) is allowed. Drive-through restaurants are popular.

It is properly aligned.


People are so stressed out from being inside their houses that they are having front yard parties. This is a party where people go out into their own yards and talk with others while keeping their distance.