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BCG Vaccine to be tested in clinical trials to see if it is effective against new coronavirus.

NHK News, “Australia’s BCG vaccine to enter clinical trials to see if it is effective against new coronavirus.”

Some of the views summarized by friends are as follows. For reference only.

The BCG vaccine is administered as a child in Japan. It was originally designed to weaken the virulence of bovine tuberculosis, which infects cattle, but it also prevents systemic infections.

As you can see in this world map, the U.S., Italy, etc. do not vaccinate against BCG.

Is the difference in corona incidence between former East Germany and former West Germany with or without BCG?

Spain has many (5,820 deaths / 72,335 cases), but its neighbor Portugal, where BCG is administered (100 deaths / 5,170 cases), has by far the fewest.

The difference between Mexico and the U.S. is also amazing.
Now that Mexico is telling Americans not to come in, the world is an unknown place.

This is for reference only, so please continue to be vigilant and encourage masking, hand washing, and disinfection.