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Recommendations for aquatic humans

Diving into the sea, climbing mountains, and returning to nature does not necessarily mean denial of the city or of civilization to mankind. In the future, if humans can no longer live on land, it is possible that they will live underwater again.

According to the Aquatic Ape Theory (Ape Theory), humans had a history of adaptation to life in water during their evolution from a common ancestor with apes.

This is based on features not found in other primates, such as an upright gait, thin body hair, thick subcutaneous fat, and the ability to consciously control breathing.

The newborn babe is not afraid of water and has the ability to reflexively hold its breath underwater.
Some believe that people’s nostrils point downward because they were adapted to prevent water from entering.

That’s interesting to think about.

I was able to dive a lot in the Okinawan sea this year. Eighteen sites in six months.

Since we could not fly and go all over the world, I think about the vast ocean resource possibilities left on this planet.

◆Reference: List of islands and beaches I have visited in Okinawa.