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Hard work propagates.

When I see someone working hard, there are things I can do hard too.

Hard work propagates.

Hard work is not something that one is forced to do. Nor is it something that necessarily comes from within. It is not something that comes out of you on its own. This is why we are rarely motivated to do so when we are told to do so. So don’t worry about it.

To find hard work, let’s make friends with people who are working hard.
Once you find someone who works hard, you can naturally work hard too.

The photo shows Saiba Utaki, a power spot in Nanjo City designated as a World Heritage site (Seifu Utaki – a ritual site in the highest Ryukyu Shinto religion).

It is a sanctuary created by Amamikyo, the god of Ryukyuan mythology, and lies in a primitive forest.
Sangouri, a triangle of huge rocks, is a “place of stability” because the rocks on the left side are balanced by the rocks on the right side It is said to be “the most beautiful place in the world.

There are six ibis (shrine areas) within the Utaki.
The triangular tunnel made of huge boulders is called Sangouri, and the rocks on the left side and the rocks on the right side balance each other. It is said to be a “place of stability.
As you proceed deeper into Sangokori, you can see the island of God, Kutaka Island, on your left.