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The human brain that has lost its physicality ends up in an inner trip (Inward)

The best way to unlock the lockdown in your head is to get in touch with nature.

In 2020, the repeated self-restraint has made me shrink in body and soul.

It is not only in the digital space that we can be free.
The greatest value is in one’s imagination and imagination.

The Zen and sauna craze is one of the attempts to see how we can stimulate a rich imagination from minimal body movements with the Corona Disaster. I think.
The destination of the human brain, which has lost its physicality to Twitter, VR/AR, etc., may be an inner trip (Inward).

May your inner journey lead you to the glorious year 2021!

I’m in the next town over, Itoman City!
Lunch at 3 PEACE CAFE. There are campsites and horses by the sea!

Deigo” (梯梧, Fabaceae) is a deciduous tall tree. Shimakusara) is a 150-year-old 20-meter sacred tree selected as one of the 100 best trees in Okinawa.

The neighborhood is also home to the Okinawa Bodhi Tree Garden, which is associated with the 14th Dalai Lama. There is a sacred Bodhi tree sharing tree under which Buddha (Sakyamuni) is said to have attained enlightenment.