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Branding is the history of building up a consumer’s credit score.

Talk about value that everyone believes in.

Do you have any healthy teas or supplements for friends around you? I get a hundred different answers when I ask.

I sometimes go to the countryside or learn from my overseas acquaintances that they have found something incredibly beneficial for their health. However, even if it is a rare medicinal herb or a very reasonable supplement, no one has verified whether it is really good for your health or not. What there is is only a vague sense of what the head thinks.

Late-night long commercials claim scientific proof of the ingredients in sesame seeds or some other secret to longevity, but the consumers themselves are the only ones who know. The “evidence” is not substantiated.
Maybe all the supplements I believe in are having a placebo effect, as if they are passing through my body unaided.

No, it is not even worth it because it is excellent, rather, even if you take coffee and a lot of caffeine, some people say this is the secret to good health.
When it comes down to it, how do we explain when we find a wonderful medicinal herb?
Is the only way to sell the product is to run a large number of commercials to raise awareness of the product and sell it at once?

I believe that the branding of the SNS era is not limited to mass marketing, but also includes the branding of the SNS era. I believe that the need for ゙.

Branding is the accumulation of trust. Hermès has built up a consumer trust score through sophisticated design and a skillful sense of color, based on the premise that its products are excellent in terms of craftsmanship. The history of trust is the brand value.

Now, let’s talk about “porte-joints”.

Also known as “Okinawa mangelicon. It is an herb that came from Brazil many years ago and is said to be extremely effective in lowering blood sugar levels and treating diabetes.

My neighbor friend Bali picked some from his garden, and I brewed it and drank it. I drank the infusion. It was less peculiar than I had imagined.
Okinawa has a mountain of medicinal herbs that are beneficial for longevity. If there are many people interested, I can dry and smoke them and share them with others as “Portee”.

In the meantime, I will try to drink it every day.