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Speedy Inc. has signed an agent contract with actress and TV personality Harumi Inoue!

Speedy Inc. has signed an agent contract with actress and TV personality Harumi Inoue!

The reason for this was her desire to “live in Kumamoto, raise her children, and be herself as an actress and mother.

I wanted to break away from the conventional idea that one has to be based in Tokyo to perform.
As the social structure is changing in Corona, the entertainment industry is also being challenged to find a new business model. The TV industry is facing a growing sense of crisis with the emergence of black ships such as Netflix, etc. Compared to the heyday of TV dramas in the 1980s, the current Japanese TV drama market appears to be weakening, having been overtaken by both Korea and China.

Even if she is not in Tokyo as Harumi Inoue is, the team will work together to think about and implement her activities so that she can be active globally, including in Asia, using all new media.

I am convinced that the entertainment industry will be no different from general business enterprises in the future, and that people with a high degree of DX will be the ones to create innovations. The fact that Ms. Harumi Inoue is able to continue her activities while in Kumamoto is exactly the kind of “DX for talent” that is in demand today. She is not just waiting for a client to offer her services, but she is also sending out her own contents and delivering them to her fans. Harumi Inoue’s new activities will be a role model for the D2C (Direct to Consumer) era.

Jun Fukuda


Comment from Harumi Inoue
I now live with my three children and husband in my hometown in Kumamoto Prefecture. When I got married, I decided to leave Tokyo, where I had been based since my debut.

Living in a natural environment without a TV or microwave oven, I spent my days selflessly raising my children, and it was difficult to balance my performing career, which would not be possible without moving to Tokyo. However, I wondered how I could raise my child in Kumamoto, cherish my family life, and still work as an actress, which I love. I have never changed my mind. I decided to “start with what I can do, and increase my own drawers one by one,” and by making the most of my experience in child-rearing and natural living, I became a Level 1 aromatherapy, macrobiotic, medicinal herbs meister, and anger management instructor (for kids and teens). I have obtained my certification.

As I continued my search for a way of life that would not give up on me, Mr. Jun Fukuda of Speedy, Inc. agreed with me and said, “Let’s do this together.

From now on, I would like to challenge various things with the talented team at Speedy, be positive in everything I do, and grow not only as an actress but also to broaden my horizons. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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Photo by Itaru Hirama Stylist by Mari Takarada Hair and makeup by Tomoko Sato Photo coordination by Junko Io (Speedy, Inc.)