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Speedy Books 2021 Overseas Strategy!

Meeting with Shinsuke Tsutsumi (also an advisor to Speedy) to discuss Speedy Books’ overseas expansion next year.

Next year, I would like to publish about five Japanese science fiction and fantasy books in English.

I was born in 1965. When I was growing up, it was the second science fiction boom.
From my upper elementary school years, I devoured “SF Magazine,” edited by Masami Fukushima. At first, I was only looking forward to each issue, reading Taku Baimura, then Sakyo Komatsu, Aritsune Toyoda, Yasutaka Tsutsui, and many others.
In 1978, when he was in junior high school, the magazine “STARLOG” was launched with the release of the movie “Star Wars”!
There were many “Star Trek” features that I watched reruns of, and this became my original reading and movie experience.

When I talk with people of the same generation, their tastes change depending on whether they go into foreign movies or anime from this point onward (after junior high school). I have not seen “Gundam” yet. I have been moving more and more toward Western films, and even joined Columbia Pictures when I became an adult.

For a while, a lot of Japanese comics were made into movies in Hollywood, but I think it is the great Japanese science fiction and fantasy books that need to be introduced to the world more. I believe this is an area that needs to be addressed.

What kind of science fiction did you guys like? Please keep recommending them to us. We would like to make Japanese treasures more known globally, taking your opinions into consideration.

◆Reference March 3, 2020
Speedy creates a new publishing division, Speedy Books.

July 29, 2020
Press Release : Speedy Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Shinsuke Tsutsumi as an advisor.