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Recording of a talk event to celebrate the release of “Desire and Insight” (Author: Naoki Sakai, Hiroaki Yotsumata / Publisher: Speedy Books)

A talk on “Desire and Insight,” published by Speedy Books, was held, and the YouTube is below. It’s hilarious! (1 hr 26 min)

The following is from Naoki Sakai’s post
I, Naoki Sakai and Hiroaki Shikata, am pleased to announce the publication of our book, “Desire and Insight.
Mariko Nishimura was the MC, and we, the authors of the book, discussed “Insight” as well as the appeal of this book.

Thanks to Ms. Nishimura’s smooth facilitation like a female announcer, the hour and a half flew by. We received many questions, and the interactive communication made the talk event a lot of fun.

This publication is a project of Speedy, which is headed by Jun Fukuda. The birth of this publishing division was born out of Mr. Fukuda’s anger. When Mr. Fukuda was about to publish a book with a certain publishing company, the person in charge of the book told him that he did not have enough followers on SNS, that he had published few books in the past, and in short, that he had little chance of achieving the number of copies they thought he could publish. There must have been an idea.

So Mr. Fukuda got angry and started his own publishing company. Hearing this story, I was reminded of the “Lamborghini vs. Ferrari” incident.

Is it true that Lamborghini was born out of anger toward Ferrari? It is said that Lamborghini started making supercars in the first place because of its anger toward Ferrari.

The founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was born in 1916. He was born into a farming family near Bologna. He had a strong interest in mechanics, including an interest in the agricultural machinery used at home.

Lamborghini Trattoriech was a tractor company, and Lamborghini tractors are still sold today. The design is also by Giugiaro.

Ferruccio Lamborghini looked at Ferrari as an engineer and was angry at the surprisingly low level of improvement. I went to Enzo Ferrari to ask him for a direct offer, but I was turned away at the door.
The theory introduced at the beginning of this article is that the anger at this time made him decide to build his own supercar. Now and then, managers probably need to be angry.

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