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On the planet of VR, you will meet new people.

The VR headset “Oculus Quest 2” (from facebok) was released on October 13, 2020!

My relationship with VR has a long history.

Back in 2016. After seeing the Tilt Brush (a brush that allows you to paint in VR space) developed by Google Labs in Paris, he opened a real gallery in Tokyo to showcase “VR art,” artwork that no one had ever seen before.

See the blog below for the background.

Now, let me tell you how revolutionary the “Oculus Quest 2” is, first of all, the price! 37,180 yen, a third of what it cost four years ago.

And furthermore, no PC connection is required. No cables!
My team and I traveled around Asia, including Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Dubaï, and Manila in 2016-2017 to demonstrate corporate marketing use of this VR art.

Each time, the heavy equipment got stuck at the airport, and we had to deal with local power and internet conditions everywhere we went, but we succeeded in getting many clients, including Google’s global event, Coca-Cola in Thailand, Disney in Indonesia, and Cartier in Japan!

Of course, I was able to recoup my investment in the gallery in good time. Wahaha!

Some artworks (Sekiguchi Aimi, Ayako Takagi) can still be viewed on Oculus.

* If you want to see all the other “VR art”, HTC VIVE (consumer edition) is available.

Oculus also has a wealth of content on YouTubeVR, prime video vr also has exciting VR content, Netflix is available but for some reason no VR movies!

I would also like to experience the VR Chat community.