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Are you ready for the paradigm shift?” (Author: Jun Fukuda) English Kindle now available in 23 countries!

Are you ready for the paradigm shift?” (Author: Jun Fukuda)
The English-language Kindle is now available in 23 countries. This time, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Australia have been added to the 19 countries that have previously released real books.
In other words, these four countries are only available on Kindle.

It’s written about what kind of business mindset you need to have to be successful in the post-Corona era.
Please take a look.

It’s read by people all over the world! lol ←All the photos are of my family members.
Paperbacks can be delivered the next day from anywhere in the world.
Kindle arrives on the web in an instant.

“Ready For The Paradigm Shift?”: Creative Minds Post Corona (Author: Atsushi Fukuda)
The English translation has been released on Kindle in 23 countries. The paperback book is available in 19 countries plus 4 countries (Brazil, India, Mexico and Australia) that are available only on Kindle.

This book guides you on how to be a successful businessman in the post corona era.
I encourage you to read this book.

ONLY Kindle
Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia

Real Book & Kindle
America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan,Canada,Austria,Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, Ireland, Gibraltar, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxem, San Marino, Vatican City, Andra,

“The earth is truly at the breaking point. there can be no new business in the post-coronavirus era if we ignore this fact. unless we keep the No matter how much money we This is the paradigm shift for post-coronavirus.

“Ready for a Paradigm Shift?: Creative Minds Post Corona”.
(Author: Brand Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda)