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Photographer Yasutaka Seki, modeled by Reyamada, is currently holding his “Just sing Exhibition!”

A photo exhibition featuring Reyamada as a model is being held in Fukuoka!
By all means!
Yasutaka Seki Exhibition
Just sing.”
Dates: October 20 (Tuesday) – November 3 (holiday), 2020
Venue] Alpha Plaza
Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin 2F

– Just sing –

At the time of the Corona disaster that has engulfed the world, everyday life that we thought would continue as normal has been blown away, and we are faced with the undeniable change to a new tomorrow.

In the midst of such confusion, we expressive people were put in the position of being the first to be agitated.
Because you don’t necessarily need it to live…

Panic ensues, and people find themselves in a state of doubt and suspicion, and it seems difficult to hold on to even a shred of kindness.

Criticism and confrontation Nerves frayed
And the expressive people were almost heartbroken from expressing themselves.

At that time, he saw the energetic activities of an old friend, singer-songwriter Rei Yamada.
What are their thoughts? What kind of difficulties and bitterness are they experiencing? Halfway through the interview, I asked for a licking of wounds in the name of an interview.

However, when she looked me in the eye, her words were quite different from what I expected.

Now is our time, right?”

She has made a choice to continue singing as an expressive person in this “present” time when everyone is expected to change.
This seemingly easy decision is now impossibly difficult.
There are plenty of reasons to fall behind.

Her words brought me back to myself and I decided to shoot a film about her.

At least on the expressive end of the spectrum.

Yasutaka Seki