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Speedy Resorts: a creative house that blends with the nature and history of Hyakuna (full drone view)

The design design for the penthouse portion of Speedy Resorts (Speedy Resorts) is being finalized.

Aerial drone view of the entire resorts.

The address here is “Hyakuna, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture.

Hyakuna is a sacred place where the goddess Amamikyo crossed over from the divine island of Kutaka, located right in front of Hyakuna Beach, and created hermit crabs here. This is said to be the prototype of human beings. Therefore, even today, Okinawans consider hermit crabs sacred and prepare offerings to them.

Ryukyu was an independent nation as the Kingdom of Ryukyu until 1879, when the Meiji government forcefully annexed it.
Speedy Resorts will be the best creative house and at the same time, a complement to the sacred Ryukyu nature created by the female deities. He hopes to make the project a success.

◆ Reference
Are hermit crabs of human origin?