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Shimizu Bunta’s art works exhibited at “The Chain Museum” in the “sequence MIYASHITA PARK” hotel in Shibuya (Mitsui Fudosan Group)

This summer, “The Chain Museum” (president: Mr. Masamichi Toyama) or “The Chain Museum” (president: Mr. Masamichi Toyama) was established in the “sequence MIYASHITA PARK” hotel (Mitsui Fudosan Group) in Shibuya. The first of its kind in Japan, it was opened in 1983.
Small, unique art pieces are scattered throughout the hotel. Among them.

Fumita Shimizu

The exhibition also features works by Please visit them.

Love Letter to the Invisible” Shimizu Bunta
Lovers” Takuro Tamura
Rintaro Hashiguchi, “Fermentation Power Plant (zymoticelectro plants)
Humans” Shinya Higashi
Method of Combination” Kotaro Ushijima
Intentional Coincidence” Kotaro Ushijima
The Story of One Sheet” Kotaro Ushijima
Rubbish on the road” Takuro Tamura
The Chain Museum is a project established in 2018 by Smiles Toyama Masamichi and the creator group PARTY to “create the next way of art”.

Serge Labelle, Sachiko Tomisho, and 114 others