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National DX (Digital Transformation)

One of the biggest expectations for the new Prime Minister Kan is the creation of a “Digidal Agency.

Some countries, like China, are even promoting DX (digital transformation) on a nation-wide basis, so I hope they don’t lose out.

To this end, I would like you to find talented people from the digital native generation or IT-related companies as much as possible and appoint them to key positions.

How much more convenient it would be for the people and lower the operational costs of the nation if we could become a DX advanced country as described below.

Estonia :
The national database called “e-government” allows citizens to receive all administrative services by means of an ID card with an IC chip. The “K” in “K” is the number of people who are able to use the system. The administrative infrastructure is also increasingly IT-enabled, with 96% of the population filing their income tax returns online.
Today, the country has a unique policy of issuing “virtual nationality” to people all over the world through a system called “eResidency”. I also have such a nationality.

Denmark :
In Denmark, a leading digital government country, all address and real estate information is stored in a database. The use of this master data has generated an economic impact of approximately 80 billion yen over a five-year period.
In Denmark, the process of creating the law is also checked to ensure that the institutional design is compatible with the digital society, and to clarify the flow of work, mote The description will be written using the ゙ring method. As soon as a law is created, a system is created and integrated into social services.

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