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Attraction of mountain climbing as a power spot

Power spot! Climbing Mt. Nyotai (Mt. Tsukuba)!
Tsukuba, which is less than 800 meters high, is on the list of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains.
It is quite a tough, rocky structure.

But the thick fog kept me hydrated, it was fantastic, and the air felt good!

I had never been interested in mountain climbing until now, but now that I think about it, I spent a lot of my childhood climbing Mt.

While walking in the mountains, I once climbed up from Mizunase and reached Nagaokakyo City. Such excursions were, of course, a secret pleasure from my parents.

Now, as an adult, the appeal of mountain climbing would first of all be the use of all one’s strength. Selflessly, you simply climb the mountain. If you’re not focused, you risk injury.

Perhaps that kind of tension combined with the hot springs on the way down the mountain brings a sense of calmness.
I would like to study the medical effects in this area.

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