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Talked dialogue [What is the way of a manager? ~Hints to Tug at the Heartstrings of Investors] Kazuma Ieiri, Entrepreneur, and Jun Fukuda, Consultant

I think I am a completely different type of manager from Mr. Ieiri, but that is why I find him stimulating and infinitely enjoyable to talk with.
I think he was a key player in making us realize that crowdfunding is needed in our society.
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Talked dialogue [What is the way of a manager? -Hints to tug at the heartstrings of investors] (Part 1)
Entrepreneur Kazuma Ieiri x Consultant Jun Fukuda


Ieiri: “We really like platforms. When someone tries to raise their voice about something, I think the Internet is great because it allows many people to support them and cheer them on.

In my case, when I wanted to study, I was able to go to art school as a newspaper scholarship student because tuition fees were tight. So when I wanted to learn or do something, there are people who cannot speak up even if they wanted to due to various circumstances such as money or their natural environment.

But, as is natural, life is unfair, isn’t it? But even in the midst of such unfairness, how can we support those who are willing to take a step forward? I am very interested in how to support people who are trying to take a step forward in the face of such unfairness, and this is something I would like to do.

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yumiko Mitsuhashi
Date: February 4, 2020
*This dialogue took place before the danger of infection by the new coronavirus.