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Memories of the Tiger Mask Foundation

He received a benefit of 100,000 yen by Corona.

I wanted to use it for something good in the world, so I donated the entire amount to the “Tiger Max Fund” (Tiger Scholarship Program).

A few weeks later, I was contacted by Mr. Kudo of the secretariat.
The donation was offered in full as a scholarship for a college senior, he said. Below is the full text of the letter from the college student (posted with permission)

My purpose for going to college was to gain knowledge for a future career in refugee assistance.
The experience of suffering abuse in the closed space of my own family is similar to that of the Palestinian refugees suffering in the closed space of Gaza. This is what motivated him. Currently, the Palestinian issue is the starting point for my study of social problems occurring in regions around the world.

The reason I have decided to apply for the Tiger Mask College Preparatory Support Program is that my part-time work environment has changed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and my income has decreased. Since entering university, I have been able to pay for my tuition and living expenses with scholarship and part-time job, but now I am applying for this program because it has become difficult to make ends meet due to the above reasons.

My goal after graduation is to become a supporter who utilizes the perspective of the recipient, having experienced my own vulnerable position in the social structure. I am currently looking for a job, and I am being considered by an overseas development assistance organization and a newspaper company for a journalist position. Whether directly or indirectly, my goal is to become someone who can contribute to closing the opportunity gap throughout my life.”

I’m so glad I could help in any way I could.

In fact, the Tiger Mask Foundation and I have a history.
It was 2008, 12 years ago. My mentor, the genius editor Masaru Uchida, introduced me to Atsuko Takamori, the wife of Ikki Kajiwara, the creator of “Tiger Mask.
At that time, he was asked if he could find a musical LP of Kennedy’s speech, which he did, earning his trust. This episode will be told during Mr. Takamori’s lifetime.

↓Sound sources are available below.

Since then, we have been involved in the digital distribution of Kajiwara’s works “Star of the Giant,” “Ashita no Joe,” and “Tiger Mask,” and even now, all sales of the LINE “Tiger Mask” are donated to the foundation.

Then one day, an anonymous person claiming to be “Naoto Date” (the real identity of Tiger Mask) made a donation to an orphanage in Gunma, which became a topic of conversation. This was the impetus for Mr. Takamori’s decision to establish the “Tiger Mask Fund” (March 1, 2011). Until then, Mr. Takamori had said that he wanted to put Kajiwara’s works in the public domain after his death, but I stressed that “the way to make these legacies useful to the world is not to make them free, but to keep them alive as social assets.

I am proud to say that this helped to establish the foundation. And to my delight, the chairman of the board is a good friend of mine, Tetsuya Ando!

After such a long 12 years, if this donation can help the young people of the future in any way, there is nothing more wonderful.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Tiger Mask Fund.