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Kiyoshun Nishibatake [Ultra Plant Exposition] (Art Produce Library)

Kiyoshun Nishibatake [Ultra Plant Exposition] (Art Produce Library)

President Suzuki of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS approached me and for two years I worked with Seijun Nishibatake to collect and exhibit design-rich plants from around the world in museums in Ginza and Hakone.

When the exhibition was held in 2015, it broke the record set at the time and attracted the largest number of visitors to the POLA MUSEUM ANNEX in Ginza.

Rare plants from all over the world gathered in Ginza for the second edition of the exhibition in 2016.
Shinichiro Ogata, the president of SIMPLICITY, was in charge of the venue configuration, and in a completely different space from the previous year, visitors enjoyed a collaboration between ceramic artist Koichi Uchida’s vessels and plants selected by Seijun, making this a truly ultra-exposition.

Exhibition Title: Ultra Botanical Exposition: Seijun Nishibatake and Delightful Plants
Period: July 3 (Friday) – August 16 (Sunday), 2015

Exhibition Title: Ultra Botanical Exposition 2016: Seijun Nishibatake and Delightful Plants

Period: August 4 – September 25, 2016

General Producer: Jun Fukuda (Sony Digital Entertainment)
Ceramics: Koichi Uchida
Spatial direction: Shinichiro Ogata

Kiyoshun Nishibatake Profile:.
Born in 1980. He is the fifth generation of Hanau, a flower and plant wholesaler that has been in business for 150 years since the end of the Edo period. He has traveled all over Japan and dozens of countries around the world, and has collected thousands of plants. With the plant materials he collects on a daily basis, he responds to as many as 2,000 projects a year, including requests from both domestic and overseas customers.
In 2012, he started “Sora Botanical Garden,” an activity to plant plants in people’s hearts, and has been developing various projects using plants in various locations with many companies and organizations, which have been well received.

Author of “It was a plant that taught me the hints to make my life bloom” (Tokuma Shoten)
“Plant Hunter: Chasing Flowers for Life” (Tokuma Shoten)
“Soramimi Botanical Garden” (Tokyo Shoseki)